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Fish Attracting Devices (FADS)

Recent list of FADs in South East Queensland.








Bill Turner Artificial Reef, Scarborough


Newspaper articleSnipImage

We recently posted to Facebook about the new Bill Turner Artificial Reef, further to that post below are the location/GPS marks and a copy of the recent newspaper article.

The Turner Artificial Reef structures have been placed in 6 bunches more than 1km off Drury Point:

1: 27° 11.834 S / 153° 07.724 E

2: 27° 11.887 S / 153° 07.747 E

3: 27° 11.851 S / 153° 07.783 E

4: 27° 11.705 S / 153° 07.732 E

5: 27° 11.703 S / 153° 07.813 E

6: 27° 11.660 S / 153° 07.804 E


Demonstration of Neptune’s Treasures


Taxidermy workshopTaxidermy workshop 3

At the March Club Night, the guys from Neptune’s Treasures taxidermy came and presented Kiel Pozzey with his mounted, pending-record mahi mahi. They explained about the processes they use, and the best way to preserve your fish so that it can be recreated in the most life-like way (wrapped in cling-film and frozen immediately). They also endorsed tagging and releasing fish after taking the measurements and some clear photographs. This allows you to release the fish unharmed, and from your pictures and measurements they can recreate an exact replica, allowing you to preserve the memory of that special fish of a lifetime.