About the Club

Welcome to Redcliffe Peninsula Game & Sportfish Club Inc.

We are a Gamefishing and Sportfishing Club for competitive and social fisherman alike, catering for anglers of all levels of skill, particularly kids and families.
Our club is based at the Moreton Bay Boat Club at Scarborough in S.E Queensland, just north of Brisbane on shores of Moreton Bay. We are lucky to have an array of fishing options within an easy boat ride.



There are Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi offshore in the blue waters of Cape Moreton.

We also have Kingfish, Snapper, Cobia, Sweetlip and Pearle Perch for the reef fisherman and Bream, Whiting and Flathead around the shores and in the rivers.

There are also fresh water options, with several rivers and dams full of Yellowbelly Perch, Bass and Saratoga.

Our club is a great believer in sustainable fishing, and we regularly practice tag & release for many species, but equally we promote keeping edible fish for the table. There is nothing better than eating your own freshly caught fish!

We have regular monthly club weekends which conclude with a kid-friendly weigh-in and BBQ. For competitive anglers we are affiliated with Q.G.F.A and A.N.S.A and run our own club competitions. Our premier event is the Redcliffe Australia Day Billfish Tournament held in January every year. It is a light tackle Billfish Tournament that attracts fishermen from far and wide to compete for trophies and prizes worth thousands.  We also run the exciting Redcliffe All Tackle Tournament in November.

Due to COVID-19, our club general meetings dates are constantly changing, please contact us for dates.  Meetings are at the Moreton Bay Boat Club, Bird O’Passage Parade, Scarborough. Visitors are always welcome.