2020 SIMRAD Redcliffe Australia Day Billfish Tournament – Results!

Another Australia Day Tournament complete!

There was a total of 12 boats fishing with 52 Anglers including 4 Ladies and 5 Juniors.  Fish caught were 18 Black Marlin tagged, 17 Mahi Mahi either caught or tagged, 3 Wahoo, 2 Cobia, 2 Skipjack Tuna and 1 Yellowfin Tuna

Congratulations to all the Winners and well done Team Release taking out the comp for another year.

Final Results:

Champion Angler Day 1 –  Warick Squire

Champion Angler Day 2Kiel Pozzey

Champion Male Warick Squire

Champion Female Madeline Doherty

Champion Junior Ryan Boshler

Champion Other species David Barry

Champion Boat over 7mts Release

Champion Boat Under 7 mtsCoca Krolla

Champion Boat overallRelease

First Billfish TaggedWarick Squire

Last Billfish TaggedRyan Boshler

Thank you to all competitors, sponsors and to the tournament organisers.  See you again next year!


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